Apartment Management System

Following are the features of our Apartment Management System

apartment booking solution

Key Features

  • Admin can manage and see all society information like
    • Add and See Owner Tenant Details
    • Maintenance Cost
    • Residents Complains
    • Society Meetings and Events Notifications
    • All visitors IN/OUT details
    • Employee Management system with Salary and leave records
    • Society Bills Managements
    • Generate reports
  • Owner can manage his/her apartment with reports.
    • See visitors list
    • Due Bills
    • Manage Tenant if any
    • Add Complains ( Plumber, Electricity etc)
    • See Society Circulars.
    • See Society Members with contact information
    • Employees Contact details
  • Tenant can check rent statement, manage complain with reports
  • Employee can check salary, manage complain with reports and apply for leave.
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